Fast Rescue Craft Simulators


Virtual Marine FRC Simulators

Virtual Marine's Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) Simulator is designed for high fidelity FRC navigation training through validated real-mission scenario simulation. This simulator is custom designed to match boat helm and navigation controls, and incorporates real vessel hardware.

Simulation Scenarios

Simulation scenarios incorporate time of day and a range of weather conditions, testing operators navigation and pilotage skills. Simulation scenarios also offer graduated levels of complexity across a range of SAR, security and interdiction missions.

Training Benefits

Fast Rescue Boat simulation increases confidence in seafarers, in order to respond to any emergency, and offers these key advantages over conventional training:

  • Reduces the cost of boat operations for training coordination 

  • Realistic and verifiable medium to execute safe and repeatable training of a fast and potentially dangerous craft

  • Operators develop positive boat handling and navigation skills before on the water operations

  • Quickens competency development, and offers continuous learning

  • Performance evaluation related to communication protocol, emergency procedures and incident scene assessment

Training Objectives

Virtual Marine’s Fast Rescue Craft Simulator meets the training needs associated with fast rescue craft operation. This simulator solution allows for effective training in high-risk operations, in a controlled and safe environment. The solution is adaptable to a wide range of user groups that operate high-speed boats: 

  • Special Operations Forces

  • Coast Guards

  • Navies

  • Search and Rescue Organisations

  • Marine Police Forces

  • Pilots

  • Customs and Border Patrols

  • Fire Departments

  • Maritime- and Fast Rescue Craft training providers

  • Ship builders and manufacturers