Ice Management Simulator


Virtual Marine Ice Management Simulator

Virtual Marine’s Ice Management Simulator uses embedded software to construct and run simulation scenarios, on OEM marine bridge equipment. As a ship and navigation equipment simulator, it is used for the tactical simulation of ice procedures in multi-year ice, and for calculating ice interactions against a ship's hull and other ice floes that results from prop and bow thruster wash and vessel ice movements.

How it Works

Virtual Marine's Ice Management Simulator is embedded in OEM consoles, and stimulates OEM software with navigation data and RADAR video signals from real time simulated scenarios. Simulated sensors include: GPS, AIS, MINS, Gyro, Echo Sounder, Speed Log, and Metoc.

Training Applications

Virtual Marine’s Ice Management Simulator is specifically designed to quicken the competency development of mariners operating in ice covered waters, like the Arctic Region. This simulator supports the basic and advanced coursing requirements under the new 2017 IMO Polar Code, and is currently being used by the Canadian Coast Guard to support their polar code and ice management competency training.