Canadian Coast Guard Cadets Prepare for Polar Operations Using Virtual Marines Ice Management Simulator

Sydney, NS – The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) recently completed the first Polar Code pilot course with Virtual Marine’s new Ice Management Simulator.  The course provided an opportunity to gain real-time feedback from CCG Ice Captains to ensure the inclusion of necessary skill development for Arctic Operations, before using the simulator to train cadets.  Last year, the Ice Management Simulator was selected to be included in the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP).

Capt. Anthony Patterson, Virtual Marine’s President & CEO, was on site at the CCG College in Sydney, Nova Scotia for the tactical evaluation.  “It is a huge honour for us that senior Commanding Officers from the world’s leading ice breaking service, the Canadian Coast Guard, validated the performance of Virtual Marine’s Ice Management Simulator to meet CCG training requirements” said Capt. Patterson.  “The highlight of the evaluation was to watch CCG Cadets use our simulator to learn how to pick their way through heavy pack ice using radar and searchlights.”

The Ice Management Simulator uses embedded software to construct and run simulation scenarios on OEM bridge equipment.  As a ship and navigation equipment simulator, it is used for the tactical simulation of ice procedures in single year and multi-year ice.  The simulator includes large fields of ice floes which interact with each other and the ship as it moves through the ice, with ice dynamics  affected by impacts with the ship hull, propeller wash, and bow thruster wash.

Virtual Marine worked with leading OEM provider Raytheon Anschütz to deliver a training environment that represents an operational bridge in use by the CCG.  

The Ice Management Simulator is specially designed to accelerate the competence development of mariners operating in ice covered waters, including polar waters.  It supports the coursing requirements (basic and advanced courses) under the new 2017 IMO Polar Code.

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